PEC Response to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee inquiry “A creative future”

12 October 2022

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Benjamin Kulka, 

Benjamin Kulka

Eliza Easton

Eliza Easton

Founder, Erskine Analysis. Previously Deputy Director at the Creative PEC

This submission from the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre responds to the questions posed by the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee Call for Evidence ‘A Creative Future.’

Some of the main finding and recommendations are:

  • AI might be one of the most relevant areas for future disruption in the creative industries and the UK with strengths in both creative content production and AI research has an opportunity to exploit the synergies, if it continues to invest in these sectors
  • creativity is likely to be even more important in the future job market, although its successful employment requires being backup in projects management and organisations skills
  • tax incentives for innovation can mitigate market failures of underinvestment in creative R&D
  • continued support for the innovation ecosystem is needed so that the creative industries can help solve some of greatest challenges the UK faces

The PEC's submission was published on the 5 October 2022. You can also access it on the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee's website.

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