A new partnership between the PEC and Julie's Bicycle

26 October 2021

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As part of the PEC's new research initiative on climate change, we will be working with Julie’s Bicycle to look at what a climate change research agenda could be for the Creative Industries

Julie’s Bicycle is a pioneering charity that uses arts and culture to take action on climate change. They help other organisations work in a sustainable way, leading on creative policy programmes, and championing environmental leadership through the JB Fellowship.

This exciting partnership will combine the perspectives of two organisations with fundamental, shared interests, and complementary expertise. 

The focus will be on understanding what a research agenda should look like for the creative industries in relation to climate change, sustainability, net zero, and related areas.

Combining our perspectives will allow for a more complete exploration of the themes which need to be prioritised in order to produce the most impactful research, and the arguments that should be made to policymakers to ensure the future success and position of the creative industries.

We hope to produce significant evidence-based and foundational research, to help the creative industries better understand how they can transition to a greener future. 

This partnership is still at an early stage - if you would like to stay up to date with our plans and latest research, sign up to our newsletter.

Hero image credit - Participants from the Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Leadership training course in Wales, 2017. Photo taken by Studio Cano.

Thumbnail image credit - Participants in conversation during the Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Leadership training course in Slovenia, 2017. Photo taken by Karim Shalaby.