We are consulting on research priorities

30 May 2019

The PEC’s vision is to provide independent research and authoritative recommendations that will aid the development of policies that support the UK's creative industries, contributing to their continued success.

In recent months the PEC's researchers have been speaking to many of you about research priorities. But we want to ensure that we are listening to those working in all parts of the creative industries, and so the PEC's Policy Unit is launching an online consultation on our research priorities.

As part of this, we are welcoming views on the main questions we should address to help the creative industries to grow, both nationally and regionally. Input from industry, policy and academia will be valuable to the development of the PEC’s research agenda, ensuring it is relevant to the sector. We want to be inclusive, and are keen for a wide range of stakeholders to raise important policy-related topics that relates to the economic performance of the creative industries. Our research will be strictly independent and additional: we will only tackle questions where the answer is not known at the outset.

If you would like to suggest a research area for the PEC then please provide your feedback by either filling out this form or by contacting us at policy@pec.ac.uk. All the suggestions will be recorded by the Policy Unit and reviewed by the PEC’s management board to consider. 

You may find it useful to read our introductory blog series from our Directors and thematic leads which set out their own views on research priorities before getting in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you!