The creative digital skills revolution

24 October 2019

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Professor Hasan Bakhshi MBE, 

Professor Hasan Bakhshi MBE


Hasan is Professor of Economics of the Creative In...

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Jyldyz Djumalieva, 

Jyldyz Djumalieva

Jyldyz is the Head of the Open Jobs Data team at Nesta, working in the Creative Economy & Data Analytics team.

Eliza Easton

Eliza Easton

Founder, Erskine Analysis. Previously Deputy Director at the Creative PEC

A common finding in studies on the future of work is that employers will increasingly demand digital skills and creative skills. Some studies go further and suggest that the sweet spot will be where digital skills meet creativity.

But what are these so-called ‘createch’ skills? Which roles require them? And how do we know they will become more important in the future?

In this paper, in partnership with Nesta, we look at 35 million jobs adverts from 2011-2018 to answer these questions. 

We identify ‘createch’ skills from graphic design to typesetting, and the jobs that require them, as well as demonstrating their growing importance in the labour market. We also suggest that policymakers will have to break down silos between creative and digital subjects in schools, colleges and universities if they want to ensure that we have a workforce fit for the future. 

Published 24th October 2019

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Bakshi, H., Djumalieva, J. and Easton, E. (2019) The creative digital skills revolution. London: Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre and Nesta. Available from: 

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