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Trilce Navarrete

Assistant Professor, the Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Dr. Trilce Navarrete is a specialist in the economic and historical aspects of digital heritage, with special interest in digital cultural participation and the use of generative technology in relation to heritage content.

Navarrete is Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she teaches the application of economic theory to the field of culture. As a researcher, Navarrete focuses on economic and historical analysis to explain the changes in culture caused by the adoption of digital technology. Navarrete leads the EU project RECHARGE, about participatory business models in cultural heritage. She is the scientific director of the Art and Culture in AI Expert Practice, part of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA).

Navarrete serves as scientific advisor to the European Group of Museum Statistics (EGMUS), is voted chair of the Documentation Committee of the International Council of Museums (CIDOC), is board member of the International Association for the Economics of Culture (ACEI), and of the Early Music Festival in the Netherlands. She has also served as an advisor on the creation and evaluation of digital infrastructures in Europe and has contributed to several research projects related to the economic analysis of digital culture.
Navarrete is originally from Mexico City.

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