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Industry Champions

Meet our Industry Champions. They are a UK-wide network of practitioners, drawn from all parts of the creative industries to provide Creative PEC with on-the-ground insight to inform our research and policy work.

Alia Alzougbi
Alia Alzougbi

Artist, Educator and Cultural Producer

Amanda Maxwell - Creative PEC
Amanda Maxwell

Community Manager and board member of

Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain

Chief Executive at Yeme Architects

Amy Smith - Creative PEC
Amy Smith

Head of Talent at Framestore

Anna Lowe - Creative PEC
Anna Lowe

Co-founder and Director of Partnerships at Smartify

Annie Lydford - Creative PEC
Annie Lydford

Annie is Managing Director at Nevill Holt Opera

Annie Warburton - Creative PEC
Annie Warburton

Chief Executive at Cockpit Arts

Anra Kennedy - Creative PEC
Anra Kennedy

Content and Partnerships Director at Culture24

Ben Carlin
Ben Carlin

Co-Founder of Megaverse and Immerse Sheffield

Ben Evans
Ben Evans

Director at London Design Festival

Charlotte Beevor
Charlotte Beevor

Entrepreneurial Designer and Stylist

Claire Whitaker - Creative PEC
Claire Whitaker

Bid Director, Southampton City of Culture 2025

Conor Mitchell - Creative PEC
Conor Mitchell

Founder and Artistic Director of The Belfast Ensemble

Dave Moutrey - Creative PEC
Dave Moutrey

Director and CEO at HOME

Fiona McLaughlin - Creative PEC
Fiona McLaughlin

Co-founding Director at Taunt Studios

Helen Mort - Creative PEC
Helen Mort


Hope Dickson Leach - Creative PEC
Hope Dickson Leach

Writer and Director

Indhu Rubasingham - Creative PEC
Indhu Rubasingham

Artistic Director at Kiln Theatre

Inua Ellams
Inua Ellams

Poet, Playwright, Performer, Graphic Artist and Designer

Jaswinder Singh - Creative PEC
Jaswinder Singh

Director of Asian Arts Agency

Jennifer Johnston - Creative PEC
Jennifer Johnston

Head of Learning at Into Film

Jo Morrison - Creative PEC
Jo Morrison

Director of Digital Innovation at Calvium

Kevin Beimers
Kevin Beimers

Director of Italic Pig

Kobi Onyame - Creative PEC
Kobi Onyame

Recording artist, Producer and Songwriter

Kurban Kassam - Creative PEC
Kurban Kassam

Freelance Film Producer

Lara Ratnaraja - Creative PEC
Lara Ratnaraja

Cultural Consultant

Laura Pye - Creative PEC
Laura Pye

Director at National Museums Liverpool

Liz Mosley - Creative PEC
Liz Mosley

Self-employed Graphic Designer

Loyd Grossman
Loyd Grossman

Chairman of The Royal Parks

Lucy Bayliss
Lucy Bayliss

Head of Creative Programmes at DanceEast

Mandy Barker
Mandy Barker

Founder of Sail Creative

Maria Tanjala - Creative PEC
Maria Tanjala

Co-founder of Big Couch and FilmChain

Michaela Greene
Michaela Greene

Development and Communications Director at Roundhouse

Michelle Adia Scarlett - Creative PEC
Michelle Adia Scarlett

Community Immersive Producer

Nasima Siddiqui - Creative PEC
Nasima Siddiqui

Co-Founder at WyndyMilla

Natalie Griffith
Natalie Griffith

Brand & Marketing Director of Unit 2 Games

Nia Thomas - Creative PEC
Nia Thomas

Managing Director at Boom Cymru

Nia Williams - Creative PEC
Nia Williams

Director of Learning and Engagement at National Museum Wales

Nick Keynes - Creative PEC
Nick Keynes

Director at Tileyard Studios

Nick Starr - Creative PEC
Nick Starr

Co-Founder at Bridge Theatre

Noel Kelly - Creative PEC
Noel Kelly

Chief Executive Officer and Director at Visual Artists Ireland

Phil Critchlow
Phil Critchlow

Founder and CEO of TBI Media

Phil Stuart - Creative PEC
Phil Stuart

Founder and Creative Director of PRELOADED

Polly Tootal - Creative PEC
Polly Tootal

Freelance Photographer

Rachel O'Riordan - Creative PEC
Rachel O’Riordan

Artistic Director of the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

Reiko Kaneko - Creative PEC
Reiko Kaneko

Ceramicist, Designer and Educator

Sade Banks
Sade Banks

Founder and CEO of Sour Lemons

Sandeep Virdee - Creative PEC
Sandeep Virdee

Artistic Director and Founder Trustee at Darbar Arts Culture Heritage Trust

Sarah Bird
Sarah Bird

Director of Wild Rumpus

Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis

Director of Digital Development at Royal Shakespeare Company

Sharon Watson - Creative PEC
Sharon Watson

CEO and Principal of Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards

Co-Founder of Urban Symbiotics

Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett

Joint Head of Policy Lab and Visual artist

Syima Aslam
Syima Aslam

Director at Bradford Literature Festival

Tolu Stedford - Creative PEC
Tolu Stedford

Development Producer at the Independent Film Trust and CEO of Creative Lions Productions

Tom Adeyoola
Tom Adeyoola


Tom Chalmers
Tom Chalmers

Founder and Managing Director at Legend Times Group

Tony Heaton
Tony Heaton

Freelance Sculptor and Performance Artist

Vaughn McKenzie - Creative PEC
Vaughn McKenzie


Vikas Kumar - Creative PEC
Vikas Kumar

Founder and Director of GemArts

Will Saunders - Creative PEC
Will Saunders

Consultant and Executive Producer

Wolfgang Buttress - Creative PEC
Wolfgang Buttress


Yehrin Tong - Creative PEC
Yehrin Tong


Zing Tseng - Creative PEC
Zing Tsjeng

Freelance Journalist


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