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Business Models & Access to Finance

Business Models & Access to Finance


Business models refer to the ways in which businesses organise themselves to provide value to customers and generate revenue. Creative businesses and workers generate income through an array of business models. Many of these models may be new and a company’s business model also has implications for its ability to access funding. Changes to the model are thus of vital importance; for this reason the Creative PEC has aimed to better understand the drivers of change for creative business models and how creative companies access finance.

Creative PEC research in this theme looks at how creative businesses are changing the way they operate, reaching new markets and accessing different types of funding.

Publications and Posts

Research Reports
Improving economic statistics in the creative industries

Towards multi-regional creative industries satellite accounts In today’s ever-evolving economi…

East London Youth Dance Company - dancers performing on stage
Impact Investing in the Cultural and Creative Sectors: Insights from an emerging field

This report identifies a burgeoning movement of investing for impact in the cultural and creative se…

film crew filming in busy street
Improving young people’s access and progression in work in film, TV and games

Download the executive summary Young people can face significant barriers to achieving their full po…

photo of inside a large glass building with trees - water feature and mono rail train
Tomorrow comes today

This comprehensive new report provides evidence and commentary to highlight the key features of the …

Clothing factory
Fashion MSMEs confronting climate change, COVID-19 and Brexit

This discussion paper presents findings from a study which analysed the impact of climate change, CO…

Discussion Papers
metal wire art installation - courtesy of Alina Grubnyak
International Trade Challenges and the Effectiveness of Support Measures for the UK’s Creative Industries

The formidable challenges confronting the UK’s creative industries in the realm of exports, st…

High Street
Northern England’s Creative Industries

The Creative Industries are already a driver of growth across the UK economy. Export-intensive and m…

Side of building with artwork of man and a robin
Creative Destruction? Creative firms, workers and residential gentrification

A new study by Tasos Kitsos, Max Nathan, and Diana Gutierrez-Posada finds only a minor influence of …

Family watching a tablet
Speaking with One Voice

A fundamental remit of the BBC, and other public service broadcasters (PSBs) like ITV and Channel 4,…

Dance performance
Transitioning to Sustainable Production across the UK Theatre Sector

This discussion paper examines transitional pathways to sustainable theatre production in the UK. By…

Policy Briefings
National Theatre London -courtesy of Samuel Regan Asante
Policy Brief: Transitioning to Sustainable Production across the UK Theatre Sector

This policy brief outlines recommendations for transitioning to more sustainable theatre production …

illustration of city of Preston
Driving local growth: Lessons from the Preston Model

The ‘Preston Model’ of Community Wealth Building (CWB) is an innovative policy intervention that ens…

mother and child using laptop
On-Demand Culture: How the lockdown is changing games and streaming services

Covid-19 regulations and restrictions have meant conventional forms of leisure and culture have eith…

person using stylus on tablet device
Understanding how our habits of cultural consumption changed during lockdown – wave 9 data

Insights from the nine-week study into consumers cultural consumption habits – data from wave …

O2 Ritz Manchester
Business model disruption and innovation during COVID-19 in the creative content industries

To understand how COVID-19 continues to affect the creative industries, we have consulted our Indust…

person sat viewing a tablet device
As lockdown eased: How our habits of cultural consumption at home are changing

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the halt on many cultural and creative activities, from live music, to …

blue wooden fence with computer illustration painted on it
Plugging the Data Gap: Freelance Workers in the Creative Industries

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the lack of available data on the self-employed and freelance wo…

person at desk working on laptap
What we learned about digital cultural consumption as we went in and then came out of lockdown

Lockdown has had a calamitous impact on the arts and cultural sector, especially, but by no means ex…

game console controllers
Ten reflections on the consumption of digital culture in lockdown

This week we published some of the insights on cultural consumption during the UK’s COVID-19&n…

Image of woman using mobile phone - coutesy of Siddharth Bhogra
Cultural consumption in the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown has led to unprecedented changes in how we live, in…

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