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Global Creative Economy Council

Welcome to the new Global Creative Economy Council (GCEC), a joint initiative between Creative PEC and British Council. Here you can meet the members of the council and read all our latest publications and blogs relating to the work of the GCEC.

Below, read a welcome from John Newbigin, Chair of the GCEC, and an introduction to the GCEC from Hasan Bakhshi, Creative PEC’s Director, and Rehana Mughal, British Council’s Director of Creative Economy.

We are also launching three new blogs offering insight on the global creative economy: the development of the creative industries in Egypt, a short history of the work of the British Council in Central Asia and a look at the creative sector in Jamaica and who it currently benefits.

What is the GCEC?

The Global Creative Economy Council (GCEC) grew out of the PEC International Council that was launched and was operational during the first stage of Creative PEC, from 2018-2023.

The GCEC brings together academics, practitioners, policy professionals and investors from five continents to identify and discuss emerging trends of global significance in creative economy practice and policy. In particular, it aims to provide inclusive perspectives on global policy issues that span both Global South and Global North, and consider ideas for transnational policies and standards. Supported by Creative PEC and the British Council, it contributes to the work of both organisations by providing targeted insights and related research.

Read about the work of the Global Creative Economy Council

Global Creative Economy Council: An introduction from the Chair

John Newbigin introduces Creative PEC's Global Creative Economy Council

Introducing the Global Creative Economy Council (GCEC)

Hasan Bakhshi and Rehana Mughal explain what the GCEC is trying to achieve and how the network will …

Creative Industries in Egypt: An Overview 

Omar Nagati – GCEC Member and Co-Founder of CLUSTER – outlines the findings of a study into the crea…

UK engagement in Central Asia: Education and the creative economy in the territories of the ‘new Silk Roads’

Dr Martin Smith and Dr Gerald Lidstone look at the history of the British Council's work in Central …

Meet the Global Creative Economy Council

Daniar Amanaliev - Creative PEC
Daniar Amanaliev – Kyrgyzstan

Co-founder and Band Master of ololo group, Chair of Kyrgyzstan’s Creative Industries Park Board

Laura Callanan - Creative PEC
Laura Callanan – United States

Founding Partner of Upstart Co-Lab

Edna Dos Santos - Creative PEC
Edna dos Santos-Duisenberg – Switzerland and Brazil

Vice-President, International Federation on Multimedia Associations

Avril Joffe – South Africa

Post Graduate Coordinator of the Cultural Policy & Management Department at the Wits School of Arts,…

Marcel Kraus - Creative PEC
Marcel Kraus – Czech Republic

Head of the Hyb4City department at Charles University's Hybernská Campus, Prague

Jairaj Mashru - Creative PEC
Jairaj Mashru – India

Advisor – Design, Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship

Omar Nagati - Creative PEC
Omar Nagati – Egypt

Architect, Urban Planner and Co-founder of CLUSTER

Diana Marcell Rey Vasque - Creative PEC
Diana Marcela Rey Vásque – Colombia-Canada

Cultural Statistics Expert at UNDP for Saudi Arabia, Associate Researcher at Lado B

Leandro Valiati - Creative PEC
Leandro Valiati – Brazil and South America

Senior Lecturer and Programme Director in Creative and Cultural Industries Programmes, University of…

Andrea Dempster Chung - Creative PEC
Andrea Dempster Chung – Jamaica

Andrea Dempster Chung is the co-founder and executive director of Kingston Creative, an NGO that use…

Dwinita Larasati – West Java, Indonesia

Lecturer and Researcher at Industrial Design Program, FSRD ITB, Indonesia Tita is a product designer…

John Newbigin - Creative PEC
John Newbigin – UK

Chair, Creative PEC’s Global Creative Economy Council John is the Mayor of London’s Ambassador…

Pearl Wang Haoqing – China

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Global Cooperation and Education Development, USC-SJTU …


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