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Intellectual Property and Regulation

Intellectual Property and Regulation


Exploring the ways in which people’s rights to benefit from their creative products and services are protected, and how the emergence of new technologies challenges regulators.

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Research Reports
Discussion Papers

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The emergence of platform regulation in the UK

A discussion paper examining the emerging field of platform regulation in the UK

Policy Briefings
TV with streaming app logos on screen
Television production, international trade and pressures to consolidate

The UK television production sector is one of Britain’s leading creative export sectors. This briefi…

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The birth of neo-regulation. Where next for the UK’s approach to platform regulation?

A new era of tech regulation is about to begin. However, planned legislation is leading to a tension…

neon light of speech bubble with heart shape inside
The Regulation of Online Platforms: Mapping an emergent regulatory field

This policy brief is designed to accompany the Discussion Paper,The Emergence of Platform Regul…

mother and child using laptop
On-Demand Culture: How the lockdown is changing games and streaming services

Covid-19 regulations and restrictions have meant conventional forms of leisure and culture have eith…

person using stylus on tablet device
Understanding how our habits of cultural consumption changed during lockdown – wave 9 data

Insights from the nine-week study into consumers cultural consumption habits – data from wave …

person sat viewing a tablet device
As lockdown eased: How our habits of cultural consumption at home are changing

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the halt on many cultural and creative activities, from live music, to …

Press Releases
Abstract image by Shahadat rahman
Copyright protection in AI-generated works

Timely exploration of copyright law and AI generated creative content


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