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How we work


Creative PEC started in 2018 at Nesta, and in 2023 we moved to Newcastle University, evolving to a twin-hub structure with the southern hub based at RSA House.

We work with a diverse group of partners with an interest in the Creative Industries, from Creative UK, the Intellectual Property Office, the British Film Institute and Arts Council England to the Local Government Association, Creative Scotland and the British Council. Internationally our partnerships include EIT Culture & Creativity and the OECD.

The Creative PEC’s Industry Champions are a UK-wide network of trusted practitioners, drawn from all parts of the Creative Industries. The group provides us with guidance on industry’s most pressing challenges, expert insight to inform our research, and critical feedback on our policy recommendations.

Our Global Creative Economy Council (GCEC) is a network of leading policy and creative economy practitioners from across the world. The GCEC is a joint initiative of the Creative PEC and British Council to bring together diverse expert perspectives from the Global South and North from across creative economy policy and practice to reflect on emerging trends and develop ideas for transnational policies on global creative economy issues. The group shares international policy intelligence and research opportunities, and acts as critical friends in reviewing and providing an international perspective on our activities.

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Creative PEC is led by Newcastle University, with the RSA. We operate a north-south, twin-hub to bring benefits to the creative industries across the whole country.

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