Beyond bailouts: three ways the upcoming Spending Review should support the creative industries

11 September 2020

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The creative industries - from film, to fashion, to creative digital - are now widely recognised as a thriving part of the UK economy, contributing £111.7 billion in gross value added (GVA) and employing 2.1 million people. However, the sector faces significant challenges, not only as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but also issues relating to business size, skills and diversity. 

As the government is planning a Comprehensive Spending Review to be published in Autumn 2020, it is essential that they think about how to promote recovery in this vital but vulnerable part of the economy. Here we offer three recommendations stemming from our recent research.

As with the briefing we produced in the run up to the December 2019 general election, this briefing should not be read as a “manifesto for the creative industries” covering all areas where support is needed, but rather three specific areas where recent evidence strongly points to action that would help grow the sector.

Published 10th September 2020

Photo by Samuel Zeller