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Improving economic statistics in the creative industries

Towards multi-regional creative industries satellite accounts

In today’s ever-evolving economic landscape, policymakers are increasingly recognising the potential of creative industries to drive growth, innovation, and export opportunities across various sectors. However, accurately measuring the economic contribution of these industries remains a significant challenge, particularly when it comes to understanding their regional impact.

This report, by Matthew Lyons (City-REDI Institute, Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham) and Kevin Connolly (The University of Strathclyde) aims to address this gap by proposing a comprehensive approach to capturing the true value of creative industries at a regional level.

While the UK has witnessed the emergence of creative clusters across the country, from video game development in Dundee and Leamington Spa to fashion in Leeds and film and TV production in Cardiff and Northern Ireland, the current economic data fails to provide a detailed picture of these regional dynamics. Furthermore, the data often overlooks the intricate relationships and spillover effects between creative industries and other sectors across different regions.

To bridge this gap, this report explores the development of Multi-regional Creative Industries Satellite Accounts (MR-CISA). This innovative approach combines regional Creative Industries Satellite Accounts (CISAs) with detailed survey data on inter-industry relationships between creative businesses across regions. By doing so, MR-CISA offers policymakers a more comprehensive understanding of the direct and indirect impacts of creative industries on regional economies.

With the UK’s ongoing efforts to address regional inequalities and “Level Up” underperforming areas, accurate economic data on creative industries regional contributions becomes crucial. This report lays the foundation for better-informed policymaking, enabling targeted funding decisions and tailored strategies that unlock the full potential of creative industries across the country.

Please reference this paper as:

Lyons, S. Connolly, K. (2024) Improving economic statistics in the creative industries: Towards multi-regional creative industries satellite accounts London: Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre. Available from:

Digital Object Identifier (DOB): 10.5281/zenodo.10907689

Image credit: Photo by William Hook on Unsplash


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