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Discussion Papers

metal wire art installation - courtesy of Alina Grubnyak
International Trade Challenges and the Effectiveness of Support Measures for the UK’s Creative Industries

The formidable challenges confronting the UK’s creative industries in the realm of exports, st…

High Street
Northern England’s Creative Industries

The Creative Industries are already a driver of growth across the UK economy. Export-intensive and m…

Side of building with artwork of man and a robin
Creative Destruction? Creative firms, workers and residential gentrification

A new study by Tasos Kitsos, Max Nathan, and Diana Gutierrez-Posada finds only a minor influence of …

Family watching a tablet
Speaking with One Voice

A fundamental remit of the BBC, and other public service broadcasters (PSBs) like ITV and Channel 4,…

Dance performance
Transitioning to Sustainable Production across the UK Theatre Sector

This discussion paper examines transitional pathways to sustainable theatre production in the UK. By…

clothes hanging on rail
Identifying and analysing UK fashion micro-clusters

The UK’s Fashion and Textiles industry contributed almost £20 billion to the UK economy in 202…

Tree close up in a forest
Net Zero as a catalyst in fashion micro and small enterprises

This report identifies examples of work taking place across three levels of change – social, e…

Union Jacks over Portobello Road, London
The Motives of Inbound Foreign Direct Investors in the UK Creative Industries

The UK’s creative industries have a global reach. British arts, technology, and design are internati…

EU Flags on flag poles
Brexit uncertainty and international trade in services: Evidence from the UK creative industries 2014-2019

This discussion paper is based on one of the first studies to look at the impact of Brexit on the Cr…

Arts centre
Working Together – Cooperatives as a creative industry business model

This authors looks at how creative workers and students typically understand cooperatives, explore t…

Music Concert
Building sustainable regional music industry clusters

This report looks at the role the creative industries can play for the Levelling Up agenda, as well …

Monkey sign on lamp post
Crypto art and questions of value

Crypto Art is a novel, emerging creative form that is entirely digital, and native to the internet. …

Music concert
Live music ecologies in the UK: A local perspective in the context of the pandemic

In 2019, the UK’s live music sector was valued at over £1.3 billion. After almost a decade of strong…

The role of the university in enhancing creative clusters

Universities are important for driving growth in their local creative industries. At the same time, …

Millennium Bridge
Creative clusters and sparse spaces: Manchester’s creative industries and the geographies of deprivation and prosperity

The aim of this paper is to ‘take stock’ of the creative industries in Manchester and to explore the…

Coastal village arial image
Creative industries innovation in seaside resorts and country towns

Read our four page policy brief for key recommendations based on this research: Insights for Policym…

Person throwing paper areoplane
What distinguishes creative industry exporters? And does engaging in innovation, R&D and design matter?

Post-Brexit, the UK government is keen to accelerate UK exporting, including in creative goods and s…

TV Studio
The nature of foreign direct investment in the creative industries

For the host country receiving the investment, there is a wealth of evidence that FDI can increase p…

Stack of news papers
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and cultural sector: British newspaper reporting of the Culture Recovery Fund

Newspapers covered many of the impacts of COVID-19, from the psychological strain of lockdown isolat…

Woman relaxing watching her laptop. With a cat
Culture in quarantine? Cultural institutions’ uses of Twitter during lockdown

Cultural institutions, such as museums and galleries, are important for local communities. They are …

Wall art
The relationships between cultural organisations and local creative industries in the context of a cultural district

This Discussion Paper was commissioned by the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) a…

Circuit board close up
Starving the golden goose? Access to finance for innovators in the creative industries

Please note: this paper has been accepted in Journal of Cultural Economics, DOI: 10.1007/s10824…

People writing notes
What is the public value of public service broadcasting?

This question has long been a subject of lively debate, bringing together the competing priorities o…

Pink interior with blue plant
Pivot to digital: How museums and galleries responded to COVID-19

As the UK went into full lockdown in March 2020, museums and galleries were faced with the prospect …

Plane wing
Creative firms and trade

The implications for policymakers emerging from this work are explored in our Policy Briefing: …

image of person sifting through box of vinyl records
A review of creative trade in the economics literature

This paper summarises the key research and models for creative trade. Starting with a general overvi…

abstract artwork
The UK’s international creative trade: A review of the official data sources

There is a growing recognition among policy makers and governments around the world of the importanc…

Adventure Island
Growth through skills: Lessons from the Thames Estuary Production Corridor

This discussion paper is a case study for how to drive growth within creative clusters through inves…

Front of a shop
Do creative industries generate multiplier effects? Evidence from UK cities 1997-2018

A paper examing the long-term impacts of the creative industries on surrounding urban economies

image of Liverpool street during European capital of culture event
The European Capital of Culture: A review of the academic evidence

A literature review & policy implications of the impact of the Capital of Culture on local economies

image of interior of library - courtesy of Luke Tanis
R&D, design and innovation: Examining the links in the creative industries

This paper provides policymakers, academics, and creative industry organisations with one of the fir…

Neon sign
The emergence of platform regulation in the UK

A discussion paper examining the emerging field of platform regulation in the UK

Image of country house - courtesy of Kenny Orr
Creating value in place

The role, contribution and challenges of creative freelance work The creative industries are incredi…

picture of old portable TV sat in gap in stone wall - courtesy of Shubham Verma
The challenges facing freelancers in Scottish Film and TV

An analysis of 45 years of data from the Film Bang directory COVID-19’s effect on the creative indus…

image of theatre sign - advertising Micheal Jacksons Thriller
Comparative analysis of pay and conditions: London’s West End and New York’s Broadway

This discussion paper feeds into our wider research on freelancers, considering the employment condi…

aerial shot of open pages of books - courtesy of Patrick Tomasso
Evolution and trends of creative cluster research

A systematic literature review and future research agenda The geographical clustering of creative an…

image of people playing saxophone - courtesy of Jens Thekkeveettil
International creative students: their significance for UK universities, regions and the creative industries

Assessing the value of higher education has become a divisive issue, in particular, the use of gradu…

image architect drawing on scroll of planning - courtesy of Daniel McCullough
A skills monitor for the Creative Industries

Workplace perspectives: skill needs, mismatches and development in the Creative Industries This Crea…

image of crucible theatre Sheffield - courtesy of Gary Butterfield
Relatedness between the Creative Industries and the wider economy: A primer

The Creative Industries are seen as an key part of the knowledge economy, and policymakers inve…

image of potter at wheel
Skills, talent and diversity in the creative industries: critical issues and evidence gaps

Following a nine-month evidence synthesis and scoping exercise undertaken by the PEC team leading on…

woman looking a artwork on wall - courtesy of Matthew Kwong
Immersive experiences in museums, galleries and heritage sites: a review of research findings and issues

Interest in immersive experiences in museums and heritage sites has increased in recent years in res…

image of Angel of the North Gateshead - courtesy of Anthony Winter
Mind the gap: regional inequalities in the UK’s creative industries

Using official Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Economic Estimates, this Disc…


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