Spotlight on Creative R&D: a week of research and policy

14 February 2022

There is a reason the creative industries are growing so fast - they are the architects planning the green homes of the future and the video game designers developing the next generation of entertainment. The creative industries represent the future of the UK economy.

Despite their growth, value, and soft power, the creative industries aren’t receiving enough support.

In the past, investment into R&D reshaped culture and society - from the steam engine to the internet, all benefited from investment into research and the space to allow for experimentation.

There is a huge risk that, by failing to properly invest in R&D for the creative industries, and by relying on a tax relief system which excludes the sector, we will marginalise the people and businesses that are at the cutting edge of the UK economy.

This is why we need to make changes - and fast.

Have a look at the research and publications below to find out what we need to do and why: