Three ways to support growth in the creative industries

07 September 2022

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Eliza Easton, 

Eliza Easton

Founder, Erskine Analysis. Previously Deputy Director at the Creative PEC

Benjamin Kulka

Benjamin Kulka

Three ways to support growth in the creative industries

The Creative Industries are an economic powerhouse, delivering £115.9bn GVA, accounting for 2.2 million jobs, and exporting more than £50bn per year at the last count. Around 300,000, or over one in eight UK businesses (11.8%) in 2019 are part of the Creative Industries.

This briefing, from Deputy Director of Policy Eliza Easton and Policy Manager Ben Kulka, is written to inform the new PM and the incoming Secretary of State on three key areas where the sector needs more support and investment to power the growth of the economy.

  1. Expand investment in the Creative Industries Clusters Programme (CICP)
  2. Help creative businesses on the international stage
  3. Encourage creative organisations to innovate by reforming the UK’s R+D system

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