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The UK’s Creative Industries have created globally recognised brands, products and services, from the James Bond franchise, to pop super stars like Girls Aloud or the Beatles. Despite this, there is a lack of evidence on key aspects of international trade, such as the relative strengths of the UK’s creative industries in different global markets.

The Internationalisation State of the Nations reports provide regular overviews of international activity of the UK’s creative industries, in particular international trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and migration.

State of the Nations Reports

Our State of the Nations reports provide a quantitative overview of developments in four key areas for Creative Industries research and policy. Reports in this series are published on a regular basis and include analysis of topical issues of interest to policymakers and industry.

Publications and Posts

Research Reports
abstract artwork
The migrant and skills needs of creative businesses in the UK

Download the Appendices This report details the results of a survey of employers commissioned b…

Aerial shot of shipping contrainers
12 facts about the UK’s international trade in creative goods and services

Worldwide exports of creative goods exceeded 500 billion USD in 2015, with a 150% increase since 200…

EU and Union Jack Flags
Post-Brexit migration and accessing foreign talent in the Creative Industries

The UK’s departure from the EU has changed the way that British firms trade and work with Euro…

Press Releases
Press Release: UK’s creative industries are an export success story

New report shows creative strength despite Brexit and Covid Embargoed 00.01 Wednesday 20 March 2024,…

coastal scene with white cliffs harbour and sea
Press release: Growing skills shortage & international trade decline post-Brexit

NEWS RELEASE Download the Press ReleaseEmbargoed: 00.01 UK time Thursday 30th March Two papers …

TV Transmissions masts
Trade in creative services: scale, trends, and geography

Creative services such as advertising, publishing, and design are an important part of global trade.…

International Council team photo
How to support the creative industries around the world

‘We need a change in mindset’ On 7 December 2021 the PEC’s International Council launched …

pink and orange wall
How the pandemic is impacting creative sectors around the world

The creative industries have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past months our…

person hand sewing fabric near a sewing machine
The Brexit shock in the UK’s fashion and textile industry

While the dreaded no-deal scenario did not materialise when the UK left the EU single market and cus…

band on stage playing guitars
The impact of Brexit on UK’s cultural and creative sectors: More heat than light?

The creative industries have been a pillar of the UK’s industrial strategies in the past two decades…

metal frame structure outside on grass
Free-time, leisure, culture and learning in 2020

The beginning of this new decade, the 2020s, was marked by irreversible disruptions. For the first t…

abstract art
UK sovereignty: A challenge for the creative industries

Under the three word strapline, Check, Change, Go, a new campaign aims to prepare the UK for th…

image of sewing machinist in factory
Rebuilding the creative economy with conscious capital: A view from the United States

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the UN Secretary General asked artists, filmmakers, m…

image of beach in Brazil
Brazilian culture and creativity during COVID-19: Solidarity and lives

Paraphrasing Jorge Amado, a famous Brazilian literary writer of the twentieth century, in his popula…

people in room in seated discussion
Safeguarding a creative and cultural moment

A discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on East Africa’s creative sectors In the first decade of the …

abstract artwork
The hopes and fears that creative employers have for “points-based” skilled immigration post-Brexit

One bright spot in an otherwise uncertain year for immigration policy, was the expansion in October …

aircraft flying over city of London
How internationally competitive are the creative industries?

Creative industries in the global economy Recent international trends show that the creati…

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