Business model disruption and innovation during COVID-19 in the creative content industries

03 September 2020

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Claudia Burger

Claudia Burger

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To understand how COVID-19 continues to affect the creative industries, we have consulted our Industry Champions about their experience of business model disruption and innovation within their own organisations during the pandemic. 

Our Industry Champions are trusted and respected practitioners, drawn from all parts of the creative industries and from across the UK. They have deep knowledge of industry practice and a desire to inform academic research that leads to better policies for the creative industries.

We convened a virtual industry panel in June 2020, bringing together panellists from a diverse range of content industries including film and TV, visual effects, museums, galleries, theatre, music and dance. The panel addressed the following three questions:

  • What, if anything, did you have to change immediately to allow your business to continue to operate (or not) in the pandemic?
  • How can industry, UK government and research best support this innovation and strengthen resilience?
  • What new business models are being developed in the mid-term to respond to the changed circumstances brought about by COVID-19?

The purpose of the meeting was for industry experts to share their experiences of disruption and business model innovation within their organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss its implications for the medium and long term. Experiences included moves to home working, increased engagement with audiences digitally, working with communities who have low digital access, and the closure of theatres and galleries.

Please reference this paper as:

Burger, C. (2020) Business model disruption and innovation during COVID-19 in the creative content industries. London: Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre. Available from: 

Published 3rd September 2020

Photo by Matthew Waring of the O₂ Ritz live music venue in Manchester