Tomorrow comes today

15 August 2023

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Philippe Schneider

Philippe Schneider

This comprehensive new report provides evidence and commentary to highlight the key features of the environment facing the creative industries and business models over the next 5 to 10 years, in a way that is accessible, balanced and highly informative. It is organised around seven megatrends: technological change, globalisation, demographics, environmental change, urbanisation, increasing inequality and political uncertainty and analyses these trends through a global lens.

The hope is that the report will inspire stakeholders - policy makers, strategists and businesses operating in the creative sector - to generate new insights. It cannot – nor aims – to provide each subsector and nation with a detailed blueprint for responding to trends. It can however provide a shared basis for thinking about those trends globally so that people with a professional interest can begin to unpack what they mean at the sub-sector level. This applies to small creative businesses so deep in the trenches it can be hard to see the bigger picture, as it does to policymakers who are professionally obliged to have this wider understanding.

The report pulls together many different sources including market intelligence, academic research, open datasets, consultancy and policy documents, media articles and even ethnographic work – sources that are highly complementary to one another, yet rarely assembled in one place.

Both policy makers and industry will find the report valuable in terms of providing the evidence and commentary needed to reflect on future preparedness and how change can be harnessed to strengthen business models and foster a more resilient creative economy. It encourages decision-makers to ask questions such as ‘Do we have a broad understanding of emerging risks and potential sources of disruption?’ and ‘Are processes in place to ensure we can respond promptly to what is happening on the margins?’

The intention is that that this report helps stimulate conversations on these questions, and many more, along with a sense of urgency around the scale and speed of the economic and societal changes that are coming.