The UK’s international creative trade: A review of the official data sources

11 January 2021

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Professor Giorgio Fazio, 

Professor Giorgio Fazio

Research Director of Creative PEC and Chair of Macroeconomics at Newcastle University Business School

Giorgio is an applied economist with expertise in ...

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Dr Salvatore Di Novo, 

Dr Salvatore Di Novo

Research Associate at Newcastle University

Dr Salvatore Di Novo is a Research Associate at Ne...

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​Dr Sara Maioli, 

​Dr Sara Maioli

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Post-Graduate Research at Newcastle University Business School

Dr Sara Maioli is an applied economist with expert...

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Professor Jonathan Sapsed, 

Professor Jonathan Sapsed

Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Newcastle University Business School

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Dr Wessel Vermeulen

Dr Wessel Vermeulen

Lecturer in Macroeconomics at Newcastle University Business School

Dr Wessel Vermeulen is a Lecturer in Economics at ...

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There is a growing recognition among policy makers and governments around the world of the importance of the creative industries. As these sectors continue to grow, it is increasingly important to understand the definitions and standards used in domestic and international markets. 

This review provides an overview of the official sources for economic data on creative trade. There are considerable differences in how trading authorities and policy makers define creative trade and subsectors. Standardisation of the definitions and methodologies used to measure creative economic activity is vital in an increasingly globalised world, as it supports frictionless trade and makes it easier for economists to understand how creative trade operates on an international scale. 

This data review is written by PEC researchers at Newcastle University Business School who lead our work in International Competitiveness.

Published 11 January 2021

Image by Shyam Sundar