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Maria Tanjala

Maria Tanjala - Creative PEC

Co-founder of Big Couch and FilmChain

Maria’s background is in film production, from line producing, budgeting to distribution strategies. She is passionate about tech solutions that bring transparency and automation in the creative industries, creating a level playing field for creators and enterprises.

Alongside Irina Albita, Maria founded the FilmChain platform that collects, allocates and analyses revenues for film, TV and digital content on the blockchain, replacing the traditional practices with transparent, real-time payments from viewers to filmmakers. The founders won multiple film and tech awards including UKBAA 2019 and were Screen Awards nominees “Gamechangers” 2019. Clients using the platform end-to-end include Council of Europe Eurimages, Golden-Globe winning producers and numerous funds from the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia etc. The team is backed by the UK government through several grants. Imperial College and University of Toronto are their tech partners.

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