The networked shift: A creative industries foresight study

19 April 2023

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Rachel Coldicutt OBE, 

Rachel Coldicutt OBE

Technology Strategist. Executive Director of Careful Industries

Anna Williams, 

Anna Williams

Research Lead at Careful Industries

Dominique Barron

Dominique Barron

Design Researcher at Careful Industries

The near future of the creative industries will be a networked shift

Digital tools and processes are already enabling creative practitioners and audiences to reconfigure their outputs and interests in new ways, beyond traditional industry genres or verticals. This shift will continue, resulting in the emergence of an adaptive networkwithin the creative industries, operating beyond the constraints of existing organisational and bureaucratic norms.

For creatives, informal and adaptive innovation plays a significant role in driving new methods of creation, production, and distribution.

This report gathers a number of trends in the creative industries. It describes ways in which creative and consumer behaviours are changing and being changed by digital technologies and automation. It looks at the tensions resulting from those changes, and identifies a broader shift in where, and how, innovation is occurring.

The researchers have idenitified changes in the next three to five years that will have a bearing on the development of the creative industries, both in the UK and internationally.

The aim of the report is to make clear potential future directions in the creative industries, exploring how what is currently known might evolve in the light of new technologies, significant industry shifts, and changes in consumer behaviours.


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